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Letter writing frames suitable for use with the Gruffalo
(Ref: SB10989)
Simple letter templates for pupils to write letters to/from animals that appear in the Gruffalo story by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
Zacchaeus word mat (Ref: SB10990)
A simple printable word mat featuring words associated with the story of when Jesus met Zacchaeus.
Alphabet picture bunting (Ref: SB10992)
The lowercase alphabet letters with pictures presented on printable coloured bunting.
Words for ‘ran’ word mat (Ref: SB10993)
A printable word mat featuring useful words that can be used in writing instead of ‘ran’.
We have been Star Pupils display banner (Ref: SB10994)
A printable banner with the title, ‘We have been Star Pupils!’
Activity-Based Learning display banner (Ref: SB10995)
A colourful printable banner with the title ‘Activity-Based Learning’.
Play-Based Learning display banner (Ref: SB10996)
A colourful printable banner with the title ‘Play-Based Learning’.
Magic e bingo (Ref: SB745)
A set of printable bingo boards and cards using magic/modifying e words.  The set consists of 4 different word boards and 4 different picture boards as well as picture and word cards.  The game can be played by matching pictures to words, or words to pictures.
Fairytale character picture bunting (Ref: SB10997)
A set of printable bunting featuring pictures of various traditional and fairytale characters.
Christmas picture bunting (Ref: SB10998)
Printable bunting featuring various Christmas pictures.
Editable Resource
Editable Individual Behaviour Plan template (Ref: SB10999)
A simple editable Individual Behaviour Plan template for Microsoft Word.
Editable Resource
Editable museum A4 page borders (Ref: SB11000)
Portrait and landscape templates for Microsoft Word featuring a ‘museum’ theme.  Also includes JPG images for use in other publications.
Comparative and superlative matching cards
(Ref: SB11001)
A set of simple printable word matching cards featuring regular and irregular comparatives and superlatives.
Our Trip to the Museum display banner (Ref: SB11002)
A printable banner for your classroom wall display about a visit to the museum.
Numbers 0-100 on beds (Ref: SB11003)
The numbers from 0 to 100 presented on beds.
Editable Resource
Weighing-themed A4 page borders (Ref: SB11004)
Editable portrait and landscape page border templates with a ‘weighing’ theme.